2016 Year in Review

This year has been an amazing adventure.  Scott and I got to work with so many new people, and past clients too!  We had a total of 93 sessions, which for us is quite a bit.  We got to travel a lot through the mountains and the valleys, and from city to city.  We got to meet new families and watch families grow, we got to meet little miracles and document there stories, we got to see love first hand and we got to bring our own little one into this world.  We have watched our kids become big siblings again and started a whole new stage in our life.  You see we have 5 kids between the two of us, one of them is a new baby as of November.  Scott works full time and I just recently started working full time as well, so we are going to be cutting back on the amount of sessions we take every year.  That being said, we will continue to book up monthly, just at a quicker rate.  So we have our WHOLE SPARKLING calendar open for the year and we will take clients until we meet our monthly quota for each of the months.  If you would like a session date PLEASE contact us!  We will update our cover photo on Facebook if/when we get booked for the year.  We will continue to offer mini sessions through the seasons, so count on that!  Limiting the amount of sessions we take on will allow us to focus more on YOU and give you more a more rich experience and allow us to keep our family life together as well.  We as artists need to use our skills but we can also get burnt out and exhausted easily so this will be good for everyone.  We want to create.  We want to provide.  We want to be able to make this experience easy for you and your family.  Documenting our lives has never been easier, but getting in the photos yourself is harder than ever.  So let us fulfill that need for you and your family once or twice a year, or as often as you want, because that’s what we do and that’s what we LOVE to do.

Here’s to 2017 and a look back on what we achieved for our clients this past year!

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