Jordan & Kelley (Anniversary Session)

I’m so happy to share this session with you because well, it’s two people in love. Yup, I’m getting mushy.  Sorry.  So Kelly contacted me about doing a 1 year anniversary session for them and then she asks if they can bring cake.  CAKE.  YES PLEASE! Actually, it was cupcakes but you get the idea.  Then there was a clock and some decorations from their wedding… and champagne.  My 10 year old son, who was along with us for this one said “She looks like Cinderella, and I guess that makes Jordan her prince”.  He couldn’t have said it better.  So here it is, enjoy this beautiful fall themed 1 year anniversary session.  These are just some of our favorites from the images that they chose.

“Chose the one you love every day,  for the dinner they provide,  or the good morning kiss,  or even for the 10pm taco bell runs.  Just choose them.”

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