Karlie {6 days} Cheyenne & Laramie Wyoming Newborn Photographer

I don’t really speak of my personal experiences very often but for this post I feel I need to.  I’m a believer that God speaks to us in so many ways, and one of them for me I think is the way He brings people into my life.  I believe it was His plan to make sure I touched the lives of people in a unique way, and give them something that they can cherish for years or generations.   Being a photographer has led me to so many amazing opportunities and I’ve met some amazing people out of it.

This session brought me back to why newborn photography became such a big part of my career, and why I am working every day to accomplish new goals.  Sarah and Robert couldn’t thank me enough for doing these photos for them and for guiding them through an amazing experience.  I needed that.  I didn’t realize how much I needed that sincere “thank you” until I heard it.   Sometimes we get lost in just trying to get the job done, and that’s not what it should be about.  So I want to thank Sarah & Robert for bringing me back to where I need to be,  even if they didn’t realize it 🙂

Little Karlie was what we call a  dream baby! She slept the majority of the session and we only had one or two little mishaps 😉 Everything went smoothly and they trusted my vision even when I asked them to change clothes, haha.  As an artist I go into every session with a vision already in place and it’s my goal/challenge to make that a reality.  Making my clients feel comfortable with me and my decisions is my first goal, and this is how I create.  People come to me for what I create, So I try to always be true to my own vision.

With all that being said, I present to you Miss Karlie at 6 days new 😉

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