Lincoln – 15th day (Cheyenne Wyoming Newborn Photographer)

I was introduced to Lincoln in May 2015, and he was such a little peanut in my studio this day! 15 days into this world and he’s just stunning.  These three make such a beautiful little family.  There are some days that go by when you just wish it would be tomorrow already and then other days like this one you don’t want to end because you realize the blessing you’ve been given.  That’s what I feel like most days and to have images to look back on like these as a parent make you wish you could stop time in it’s tracks! *hint: that’s why I love my job* When I look at pictures from when my children were babies I feel the same way, and it often helps to put things in perspective.  Professional images are great when you can get them during these special life changing times, but even the snapshots from home are worth it.  Just make sure you print them!

Meet Lincoln:

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