Things You May Not Know About Your Newborn Session

Hello beautiful new mamma! I wanted to touch base on preparing for your newborn session, not because I don’t think you can handle it (of course I know you can) but I mainly wanted to give insight to the things that you may not have thought about.

So a good newborn photographer is going to be a little pricey (you get what you pay for, right?) and maybe your wondering “Why is it so hard to photograph a newborn? They sleep all the time, right?”  Wrong.  I can tell you I might be taking photos maybe 20% of the whole time you are there.  Actually, although you feel like you are only paying for the photographer to take your photos, you are also paying for the training the photographer has had, the props your photographer buys to make your photos beautiful, the extra pacifier that might be in the studio in a brand new package in case you forgot yours, the cute little hats and bonnets, baskets, possibly the studio your photographer is working in, the time it takes to edit and process images and upload them into a beautiful gallery, the emotional support during the session, the expertise to make you feel beautiful only a few days after giving birth, possibly some soothing techniques that may even help you at 2am (who knew your photo session could be a learning experience?!)… I could go on and on.  Baby’s come with a lot of stuff, as you know, and your newborn photographer will share in that experience to be able to provide you beautiful images that will stand the test of time.   By the way, Amazon has some amazing little newborn props and things you can get for yourself to have as a keepsake and I will gladly photograph your baby with props and keepsake items at your session. Just check out these quilts from Modern Rag Quilts or this precious crown by Posh n’ Pretty that are to die for 😉 These links will take you to Amazon where you can buy them!

Most newborn sessions I do take an average of 3 hours to get through.  That includes family pictures and parent and sibling poses.  I also have time to capture a few details like the fingers and toes you’ve probably kissed a thousand times already.  I’ve had them take only an hour and a half, and I’ve been at for up to 5 hours (mainly for multiples).  There will be time for you to feed the baby, if they wake up, more often than not its because they are hungry or wet so we have to allow for that time.  Also, posing the baby for the photos is also time consuming.  I take my time to soothe the baby, make sure they are sleeping and comfortable because my goal is to get you the best images possible.  Even if they aren’t sleeping, we will do lifestyle shots, or I will wrap the baby in a nice swaddle, and aim for capturing that eye contact with my camera.  It’s not a quick job at all.  But it’s worth it.

If you have children already and are looking for some tips on what to do with them during this time, I hope these help! I will suggest first and foremost to bring someone that you are comfortable with to take the kids home or somewhere to play after there pictures. I will do those photos with the siblings first, and this way they don’t get anxious and we don’t have meltdowns or anything during the rest of the session.  The goal is to keep the studio as stress free as possible so that we don’t stress out the baby. They have a great sense of when mom or dad is not feeling super happy or relaxed.  I also suggest bringing coloring books, or tablet if that’s something you might want to have on hand for entertainment.  The new adult coloring books are awesome!

I have a cafe downstairs below my studio so if at any time you guys need anything it’s not far,  sometimes dad will go for tea or coffee or a snack.  It’s totally fine.  Also, one of the biggest things new parents tend to freak out about is when the baby isn’t wearing a diaper.  Sorry, not sorry, there might be a  moment when that is going to happen and the chance that the baby going to the bathroom on my blankets or props is super high.  It doesn’t always happen, but I will tell you anything your baby is on at that time is totally washable and will get cleaned.   Don’t worry about it. I’ve been pee’d on, sometimes mom or dad might get pee’d on…. it’s the dirty nature of newborn photography sometimes! haha.  For that reason, I suggest bringing an extra shirt or something to change into JUST IN CASE.  It’s never really that bad, but you never know.

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